Translation for Churches

With our translation system, you can easily make your worship services understandable to everyone. Whether on-site or in an online stream.

Our Translation System

With linkbox Audiocast, it is possible to offer translation to the audience on-site as well as in the livestream - and at low cost.

The system was developed with a focus on communities and thus offers the perfect solution for your individual use case.

How does linkbox work?

linkbox is a system for transmitting audio signals over network in real time.

A microphone or a smartphone is used to record the sound.
The linkbox processes the signal and sends it to the local network or the Internet.
Via the network, the signal is distributed to connected smartphones.
Via the linkbox app, the signal can be played back.
How can I use it?
Our Audiocast is available in the following variants.
Use linkbox locally in Wifi with or without Internet access. Include classic microphone and line signals.
Use linkbox without a wifi over the internet. Use your cell phone as an audio source. Get started immediately.
Price Configurator
Choose Your Price

The monthly costs depend on your needs and consist of the basic fee, streamed channels and the maximum number of listeners

Number of steams that can be offered in parallel.
Number of listeners that can play streams in parallel.
you find more information
Your Price
40,- € / Month incl. VAT
If you have more than 50 listeners or need more than 4 channels, contact us. Payment in advance: monthly, yearly, quarterly. Cancellable monthly.
Our offer: 1-2-3
1 free month - 2 channels - 3 listeners

Try our cloud solution now for one month for free. We only need your email address and name to verify your request.

We welcome feedback. Feel free to contact us if you like linkbox.