Use locally on wifi with or without internet access.

How does our hardware variant work?

To keep the effort on site as low as possible, linkbox relies on a plug and play system that guarantees uncomplicated handling.

Once the linkbox is integrated into the network, streaming can begin. Prerequisite for this is only a Wifi network for the visitors and a LAN connection for the linkbox.

For this you get from us a box in the 19" format, to which you can connect conventional microphones with an XLR or jack plug. So you can directly connect microphone, mixer, guitar or audio player. In addition, audio files can be stored on the box - and played back at any time. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


The linkbox is set up in a few minutes. We also ship the linkbox within a few business days, so you can use it very quickly for your next event.

Offline available

Best audio quality

Local setup